Monday, May 15, 2006

yet again i am bored....

so i thought i would do that random question thing:
Name: Georgie
Age: 19 but ever so nearly 20
Height:I've no idea really
Weight: Again no idea
Hair colour: Brown
Hair Style: hmm - i really dont know - i can just about tie it back in a ponytail and the rest of the time i wear it loose
Eye Colour: blue
Blood type: havent a clue
Status: Single
Build: medium
Siblings: i like to call him a little brother but he actually bigger than me
Pets: no not for ages
Pro-life or pro-choice: Pro choice
Right or left: left-handed except for when i use scissors
Favourite food: wiener schnitzel
Favourite beverage: non-alcohol water, alcohol - too much choice prob vodka lemonade
Chosen degree subject: German and Spanish.
Chosen Unis: Bristol
Personality: a quiet person who goes slightly insane when too much alcohol has been consumed. I'm good at listening
What I like about girls: they're generally very supportive and easy to talk to.
What I like about boys: they make me laugh
Music tastes: ooh difficult - i can never answer this question. cheese to dance to - wedgies cheese but generally a random mixture ranging from guns and roses to chic flick soundtracks.
Film tastes: chic flicks and films like LOTR and Pirates of the Caribbean
TV shows: The OC, Grey's Anatomy but I dont have a TV so I cant watch them at the moment.
Hobbies: hmm - skiing, surfing, sailing, piano, reading, i suppose drinking should enter this one too, the navy
Nationality: British
Heritage: about a quarter Irish, quarter Scottish and the rest English I think. They came over with William the Conquerer.
Favourite colour: Blue
Favourite metal: silver
Favourite non-metal: what a random question and I really cant remember any chemistry. I might have to go with Sophie on this one - water.
Dislikes: exams, baked beans, spiders
Pet type: i had a hamster
Parents still married?: yes
Intelligence: its declining due to too much drinking
Gender: Female
Sexual orientation: Straight.
Homophobe?: Nope
Anything else-phobe: no
Been on a boat?: I spend a large portion of my spare time in one, well actually its a ship
A plane: Yes
A hovercraft:Yes
Town of residence: London and Bristol
Any crushes?: it's possible
Best mate?: im not sure - everyone is awesome and i would be lost without them
Am I mad? who isnt
Lonely?: yes sometimes - uni can be one of the most lonely places in the world
Feeling towards exams?: urgh - dont mention them - i have one tomorrow
Do I like you? I hope so - another random question
Distinguishing features: very curly hair
Any skills?: i could cook once upon a time
What would you do if in command of all?: try to lead appropriately and make the world a better place
Thoughts of future: To get through exams and enjoy the summer
What's that?: the time of year when it should be warmer than the rest of the year. therefore there should be beaches, surfing, sunsets, icecreams etc
Cock size: sexist question! everyone should be able to answer all questions
Favourite sport: surfing and skiing
Favourite real animal: dolphins
Favourite mythical creature: my knowledge of mythical creatures is quite slim - hippogriffs maybe
Date of birth: soon
Star sign: Gemini
Chinese new year: Tiger
Happy?: generally - Im on a happy wave at the moment
EMO!: no entiendo
Then what are you?: me
Religious: yes privately

Tuesday, May 09, 2006

This is me delaying my revision...

Wow another post so soon - Jess, I'm sorry I appear to have deleted your message when I deleted the repeat of my 'summer' post. Please blame my computer illiteracy - computers and I just don't go together.

Well, I believe I last posted on the Bank Holiday, the afternoon of which I spent shopping with friends and then went to the cinema to see Scary Movie 4 - I don't think I'd recommend it. Since the Bank Holiday life has been quite insane and crazy but loving most of it. I've finally got a house for next year which is one less worry - it's really close to uni so no more wasting an hour each day walking to and from halls to uni. Technically I should have been doing a large amount of revision but it hasn't happened or even started yet - I have just so much 'normal' work to do and they keep giving me more essays instead of less! :( But really I haven't been doing much work at all - instead I've been living the life of a student and going out far far far too much. A quiet drink last Tuesday turned into not being quite so quiet. I went up to London on Saturday to watch the Army vs Navy rugby - we lost the actual match but it was still a great day though very wrong - dont think we should really have been dancing quite so crazily at 5 in the afternoon - it's a bit early! Didn't get back to Bristol until 11.30pm and then had curry at about midnight - insane!

Yesterday was the Modern Languages Ball which was awesome. I didn't make it home but ended up sleeping on a friend's floor after three of us had walked in a crazy state up from the centre to her hall (near the uni).

Oh dear, I seem to have portrayed myself as a completely drunken student which is probably true. But I'm not that bad really. It's just that I really don't want to do exams and revise or do anything except sit outside in the sunshine and go out in the evenings - roll on 7th June!

Hope you are all ok. Come down and see me in bristol - it is one of the best cities.

Monday, May 01, 2006


hmm- i think maybe I've given up on my blog. It's been a very long time since my last post and I may get bored with this one in the middle but who knows? My enthusiasm my suddenly be re-awoken by this but I doubt it.

Anyway otherwise I am well. It's a bank holiday - three day weekend - yippee!!! And its sunny in bristol and there are lots of flowers, somebody had a bubble machine and bubbles keep floating past my window. I sadly do have an esssay to do but I've done 650 words (of 1500) so I think that's sufficient for the day (I mean it doesnt have to be handed in until the 15th! - very bad attitude what with exams and more essays coming up. )Anyway I have now been back here just over a week and in a way it feels as though I never left. It's been quite a nice week though sadly lacking the navy ( I did feel quite lost on Wednesday evening). We've been out on the Downs a couple of times playing frisbee and once stuck in the mud which we discovered to be a bit too energetic. Went out on Friday night to Wedgies and got hyperactively wasted - not a good plan when one has to get up at 8 the following morning but it was still a good night and saw lots of people. DofE route planning for 5 hours on Saturday - very long and tedious especially witih a hangover. Worked yesterday (well sort of), worked this morning (again well sort of) and going shopping this afternoon so therefore need to go and have lunch now so will abandon this post and maybe just maybe I'll write another one soon.

Lots of lovexxx

By the way - does anyone else get random messages about porn on their blog!!!

Monday, March 13, 2006

hmm - why do they always want titles?

apparently it's been a very long time since i last blogged so i thought i'd give you a quick update on my life to the present. it has been quite busy, stressful and exhausting but good all the same.

most recently i have been having a normal monday at uni except far more tired than usual as i spent all weekend in a ship and got approx 8 hrs which isnt enough for one day let alone almost 3. anyway we went from portsmouth to weymouth and back again over the weekend in our ship and i was introduced to it and everything. it was my first time aboard so on saturday everyone was getting me to have a go at doing everything and then on sunday i did practically nothing as did most ppl cos we had 3 hours of extremely rough sea which made everyone except 4or 5 ppl incredibly seasick. i was very queasy but luckily not actually sick! anyway i got back yesterday evening and could barely move i was so tired.

anyway prior to the weekend i was also at uni unsurprisingly. luckily not too much but its suddenly going to get crazy over the next few weeks with essays and take-home exams (dont ask!) but then its the holidays - yeah! i cant wait.

was at home the weekend before last which was nice. i miss it far more now than i did when i was away during my gap year - very strange! went to see sophie a couple of weekends back which was very nice. saw lots of places in bath, had delicious milkshake and saw sophie's house and had yummy brownies cooked by sophie's friend.

i think that is my life up to date and i 've even worked out how to put photos in - ingenious.
well im off on a dofe social iceskating - going to be so tired tomorrow.
speak soon

Tuesday, February 14, 2006


Apparently my blog is now the most out-of-date of those that I read that are being updated so perhaps I ought to do something about it.....

Well, it's Valentine's Day which I never found depressing until this year which has been depressing for some reason. There's a big Valentine's Ball in one of the main Bristol clubs to which loads of people are going but I've run out of energy - still recovering from being ill last week, our hall ball on saturday and waiting an hour for a non-existent bus last night (we got a taxi eventually) - so I can't be bothered to go and am semi-planning on being in bed before midnight.

Uni is going fairly well apart from lots of work to catch up on from last week. I missed 15hours of classes last week!!

I've run out of inspiration - maybe I'll continue later....

Monday, January 23, 2006

actually i think i'll watch gladiator.... or the oc.... or anything just not read about the un - re-unification of germany


bored now...

I'm afraid the only reason for this blog is that I cant be bothered to do my German homework - due for 9 am tomorrow but maybe I'll be able to blag it or perhaps I just wont go. I've discovered my rebellious side this term - who knows which direction I may go in now....

Well Im back in the West after a weekend in London where I mainly slept, read and watched films as well as seeing family. I was so tired - working most of Thursday - not quite an all nighter but very nearly and then on Friday out to Wedgies until some stupid hour of the morning and up at 8 to get the 9.30 train to London.

Just been to a DofE meeting this evening to arrange expeditions - holidays are beginning to look rather busy and chaotic with a practice expedition, possible two week navy deployment at easter (would also really really like to go skiing again but not sure if this will happen. Oh well, suppose it's better to be busy than not.

Anyway that is the end of my really boring post - I've decided that maybe I should do my German homework - I'm not very good at improvising!

Hope to hear from you all soon

Sunday, January 15, 2006

over a month - by the way this is sarah's suggestion of a name

well, i believe it has been over a month since i last wrote this thing - it all got quite hectic towards the end of last term and then it was the holidays and they were busy and now i am back in bristol - given up with the unpacking and not bothered to do work so i thought i'd let you know a bit of what's been happening recently.

i cant really remember much of what happened at the end of last term - lots of work and lots of parties is a vague memory and then i went home which was brilliant. so nice to be back in my own bed, own room and with family and catching up with people at home. we spent christmas with my grandparents and other close family and caught up with cousins and family friends which was good - hadnt seen most of them for so long. after new year i went up to warwick to see sarah which was good - catching up and commiserating. new zealand appealed to both of us as being a good destination to run away to.

then i went to val thorens, france on the bristol uni ski trip. apart from the coach journey there and back it was a brilliant week, snow, skiing, lots of sunshine, met some new people, met some old friends from selva and had a few parties. i got back yesterday morning and this evening finds me back in bristol, hoping for a better term than last and so tired that i might soon be in bed even though it is only quarter past seven. got tonnes of work to do this week as i have done hardly any of my holiday work.

anyway there is my latest blog update (as promised sarah). hope you are all well and enjoying life.

see you soon